Beginner's and Social Jog/Walking Session - All Welcome
Welcome to East Cornwall Harriers Beginners page. If you are looking to improve your fitness in a friendly social group then come along and join us. We meet every Wednesday evening at 6.30pm in the lower car park of Lux Park leisure centre in Liskeard.

Each group will be taken by a qualified coach / leader who will tailor the session to the ability of the participants in the group they are taking. The session is approximately 1 hour and splits into 3 sections, everyone is welcome, whatever your ability.

Don't be worried about pace, we run at the pace of whoever is in the group. As a very rough guide the run group is under 11 minute miling, the jog is between 11-13 minute miling and the walk/jog is 13+ minute miling, there is absolutely no pressure to go fast...unless you want to.

  • Jog/Walk
This is for beginners and will be a Jog / walk approximately 5 minutes jog 1minute walk to start, increasing according to the ability of the group, distance will be 3-4 miles.

  • Jog
This will be a steady continuous jog at conversational pace, distance will be 4-5 miles.

  • Run
This is a mixed ability group of runners many of whom have started off as a walk/ Jog or a Jogger and have worked there way up to be able to run continuously for about an hour covering a distance of 5-6 miles.

You are encouraged to run at your own pace whilst being aware of others in the group, if you are able to run ahead we appreciate you running back to re-group.

Everyone should get out of the run what they want to and to make life easier for the coach / leader this is the most effective way as this keeps the group together maximising the safety of everyone taking part .

Beginner's Checklist

  • It is advisable to bring a small bottle of drink that can comfortably be carried in your hand especially in the hotter weather.
  • It is important that you wear comfortable footwear ideally trainers, all our coaches will be happy to advise on footwear or any other questions you have about running.
  • If you are asking yourself is this something I would like to do and the answer is YES then COME ALONG AND JOIN US, Give it a try, what do you have to loose ?

Venue and Time

Wednesday 6.30pm, at Lux Park Lower Carpark Liskeard, the first carpark on the left as you turn off Coldstyle Road. During the summer at least one of our monthly Wednesday runs will be out and about in the surrounding area so check the training schedule or contact the coaches for more details.

Click here to see map location.

Approximately once a month we run from other locations, to find out more speak to a coach or view our monthly training schedule by clicking here.

Contact Information

Below you will find the contact details for our Beginners Group Coaches. They are happy to help with any questions or queries you may have about our beginners group, but the best way to find out about our session is to come along.

Karen Sims 07896948912
Amanda Erith 01579 340744
Lucy Smale -
Lucy Oldham 07530 917551
Sam Hunkin
Ray Goodright