East Cornwall Harriers Handicap Race

For many years ECH have organised a race for club members on Caradon Hill, where EVERY runner, no matter what ability, has an equal chance to win. No existing member has won the trophy twice!

To be eligible to win the perpetual women's or men's trophy, each race entrant has a calculated handicap time. This is based on a minimum of ONE race result in the series below. However we take into account ALL of your results in these races, and average them, so the more you do, the more "accurate" your handicap time will be.

Depending on your handicap, the slower runners set off first, and the faster runners later. The winners are simply the first lady and the first man across the line. The handicaps are calculated so in theory ALL runners should finish at the same time. The following 20 races, and ONLY these 20 races will be used. If you have not raced one of them, then you can only run for fun. In the instance that a long term (more than one year) member has not raced any of the races this year, but has race one of these races from last year, their most recent time from last year will be used.

Cornish Grand Prix Series

  • Stormforce 10
  • Looe 10
  • An Resek 10
  • Trevornick 10
  • Cubert 5
  • Sticker 5
  • Turkey Trot
  • Magnificent 7
  • Indian Queens

Cornish Multi Terrain Series

  • Five Tors
  • Boconnoc 5
  • St Austell Half
  • Bude Lifeboat Run
  • Meet Your Max
  • Lanhydrock 10
  • Tywardreath Trotter

Local Races

  • Ivybridge 10K
  • Plymouth half
  • Bideford half
  • Saltash half

How we calculate your handicap

The formula used to calculate the handicaps is based on results from the handicap race of 2012. Each race in the list above is assigned a weight, depending on whether they have faster or slower times than last year's race, using the times of Paul Arrowsmith, Mark Andrews, Chris Ullman, Ian Ringer, Helen Morse, Andrew Berry and Liam Gallantry (our most frequent and consistently predictable racers). Further more a BAD RACE eliminator is used to even up potential races whereby a runner might have been injured or had a particularly bad race. If you have raced more than 3 times, then your WORST race time (proportionally) is eliminated from your average. The shortest race distance for the handicap is 4 miles - the longest is half, because 5ks and marathons have too much variability to be able to provide a proper handicap time. If you don't have a race result to base a handicap time on you can still run but ONLY for FUN.

The START and ROUTE is the same as the previous two years route, runners are registered by 6:30pm and start times issued on the night to have everyone across the finish line by 8:00pm. The route is from Minions, around and over Caradon Hill, down and around once more in a full loop. Marshalls are stationed throughout the course. The course length is 6.27 miles.