Star Awards

Star Award

All members are asked to submit to Chris Ullman/Louise Harding/Ian Littlewood(or other committee member) verifiable race times achieved during the year over four different distances taken from 5, 7, and 10 miles, plus 5k, 10K, half and full marathon. Using tables based on World Standard Age Related Scores, times will be converted into points which will be totalled to determine winners. (This system allows for equal competition for the awards between males and females, plus recognising changing performance as athletes age. E.g. In a five mile race to score 70 points a 35year old male must run 36minutes 45seconds, a 35 year old female needs to run 43minutes 16seconds and a 60 year old male 46minutes 26seconds.) NB The First Place Winners from previous years are not eligible for the following years awards.

Most Improved Harrier Award

The club also has a "Most Improved Harrier Award". To be considered for this award runners must have already submitted results for last year. This award is based upon the same points system totals over four distances as used in the "Star Awards", but comparing points totals achieved from one year to the next to identify who has made most progress during the period.

Junior Star Award

The club also has an annual "Junior Star Award" based upon a similar points system but using the best race results achieved over three different distances taken from events of 1.1, 2.5. 4 and 5 miles plus 5k. Junior athletes (up to 18 years old) must also submit verifiable results if they wish to be included in the scheme. Again, previous winners are not eligible.

Form to Submit Results  (Download here)

Or Print this page, and fill in the below

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No. Event Name Distance Date Age on Race Day Race Time

Please give this form to Chris Ullman, Louise Harding (or other committee member) when completed with the results of 4 different distance races (3 for Juniors).