Cornish Route map
The Cornish marathon begins at Millenium House, Pensilva. After two circuits round Pensilva, the route takes a small climb up to Foredown, crossing the B3254 at Foredown, before plummetting down into Crows Nest. A short drag up to Darite is followed by a reasonably flat section which turns from Darite past the St Cleer junction, past Donierts Stone - a 9th-century 'Celtic' cross, commemorating Dumgarth, British King of Dumnonia, who drowned in c. AD 875. The route descends through Redgate before turning right up to Golitha, past the carpark for the rapids. The route takes a decidely more arduous turn, with a couple of steep hills through the hamlet of Draynes and Trenant. From the old chapel at the base of Trenant there starts an almost continuous climb of two miles up past Wenmouth Cross. The climb only really flattens out at Berry Down, after you've gained nearly 100m in altitude from Trenant.

From then on its undulations all the way past Colliford Lake and Dozmary (scarcely visible from the road), taking in spectacular views of the moors up until Bolventor. Turning right at Jamaica Inn, there is a half a mile drop into the flattest section of the course in Draynes Valley. Many a runner has been lulled into a false sense of security, by the 5 level miles, and powered towards the 20 mile marker, when really, this section is about conserving energy for the final tribulations. Over a small hump back to Golitha at 21 miles, you rejoin the route you went out on, the Redgate hill being extremely testing. The route climbs up until the 23 mile marker on the edge of Upper Tremarcombe, before diving down into Crows Nest. The hill between 24 miles from Crows Nest up to Foredown is what most people remember, and not the slight downhill gradient all the way to the finish.