Interval and Pace Training Sessions

At ECH we cater for all ages and all abilites, everyone is welcome. We offer multiple training sessions throughout the year including interval and pace sessions on a Tuesday evening. Below are details of the types of session we run on a Tuesday evening to give you an idea of what to expect. As already mentioned these are open to all abilites. If you are new to running, coming back from time off or injury or run every week, we will make these sessions as fun and challenging as you want them to be. Come along and have a go.

Please note the grass running track that we use during the summer months is 300m not 400m.

Paarlauf Relay - A continuous relay usually working in pairs of fairly equal running ability.
  • A popular session is for one of the pair to start and run 150m at pace, passing a baton to partner waiting at 150m point who then continues to run 150m also at pace until he/she reaches partner again who, in the meantime, has a walk/jog recovery across centre to be back in start position ready to repeat.
  • Direction and start positions can be changed each interval.
  • Suggest 4 x 5mins with 3 mins recovery between Sets. Coaches may vary this session.

  • These come in many forms and can be over distance or timed. They may start short, gradually increasing in length/time and return equally back down to the start time/distance again.
  • Or they may build up or down without returning but doubling distances/time on the way.
  • Generally the session should last 30-40 mins if timed or approx 3-4k in distance.

Speed Endurance - Working in pairs of fairly equal running ability.
  • Track marked at 100m intervals. Both start and run in opposite directions from same (but any) marker - one runs hard for 200m, the other jogs 100m. When they meet they ‘swap’ over so each alternates between 200m at pace with 100m jog recovery.
  • At the change-over point, runners can continue in same direction or change direction providing cones separate runners keeping those in recovery 100m to the outer track lanes.
  • Suggest 4 x 4 mins with 3 mins recovery between Sets.

Sprint Endurance - Split into suitable groups according to running ability
  • Fast = group 1 - Intermediate = group 2 - Steady = group 3.
  • Mark track at 200m, 175m & 150m. Group 1 start at 200m, group 2 at 175m, group 3 at 150m. All groups start from same point, 10 reps, adding 10m each rep.

Lactate Threshold
  • Each runner carries a marker and runs hard for 40 secs, dropping the marker at their timed point on the track. Recover to start in 90 secs and repeat x 10.

Pace Judgement
  • Can be timed or over set distances. 3 sets x 75, 60, 45, & 30 secs or 3 x 300m, 3 x 250m, 3 x 200m, 3 x 150m.

Meet and Greet
  • Working in pairs of fairly equal running ability. There are 2 options, both result in ‘meeting’ their partner, high 5 or exchange baton, and racing back to the start.
  • 1. Both jog up centre and race each other 150m back round track.
  • 2. Both jog 150m round track and race each other down the centre.

  • 1K Reps - max. x 6
  • 800m Reps - max. X 6
  • 600m Reps - max. X 8
  • 400m Reps - max. X 10
  • 300m Reps - max. X 10
  • 200m Reps - max. X 12 - grouped as 1 = up to 35secs, 2 = up to 40secs, 3 = up to 45secs and so on.

Kenyan Hills
  • As this implies, it is not a track session but usually takes place on Foredown near Pensilva and involves everyone starting together for long continuous hill reps of 1.5 to 2 mins, jogging back down to repeat x 10.